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Look, Learn & Create

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Look Learn and Create

An innovative creative art tour aimed at the secondary school art syllabus with the opportunity to exhibit and win the Dean's Award for Artistic Merit

Art Tours

The Cathedral is a place of worship and pilgrimage that never ceases to inspire the visitor. 

Its French gothic revivalist style displays a vast array of examples of magnificent design and craftsmanship which is the result of one man’s brilliance, the “Art Architect”, William Burges.

During the tour the students will study the construction and architectural features of this historic building and have the opportunity to examine closely the sculpture/stained glass, mosaics and many more features of its features.

The Education Coordinator offers guided tours and workshops to students at secondary level to provide a deeper understanding of this wonderful building.


 Available for : Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle (Secondary)

Each guided tour will include one of the following workshops:

  • Drawing Techniques
  • Mosaic to collage
  • Stained Glass inspiration
  • Brass/Stone Rubbing
  • Let’s sculpt
  • Calligraphy

Art Exhibition

As a result of the school tour/workshop, the students are encouraged to create their own interpretations of what they have seen during their “St. Fin Barre’s Experience”

The work can be carried out in any medium of their choice and can be either individual or group work. The work is then exhibited in the Cathedral.

Art Exhibition 2015

Inspirational thoughts from last years participants:

“I was impressed by the enormous light and shadow play that occurs on the Cathedral. The way the shadows of the darkness engulfed large areas of the cathedral fascinated and inspired me. I wanted to portray as truthful and realistic as I could.”

“I was attracted to the west rose window of the cathedral, I concentrated on one particular area, this section of the sun with rings of colours reminded me of the ancient Aztec sun of Mexico. I used watercolours and tissue paper to create the affect of the stained glass window.”

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